Public Bar Gig 5th March

Posted February 28th, 2011

Hey Guys & Gals, The New Black are playing with The Little Murders & The Naxalites this Saturday. We finally have a bunch of new songs to play for you and test out live!!! Come along for some good bands, good tunes and a good night. Click here for details, hope to see you there.


Posted February 7th, 2011

Hey Jasmine, you send us a message via the contact page but didn’t leave your email. Can you please send it again?

New Gigs

Posted September 30th, 2010

The New Black are back, check out our upcoming gigs. Mark it in your diaries and rock on down!

The Prague formerly called Oktobar

Posted June 1st, 2010

If you have some time on your hands this Thursday pop in for a beer with us! Click here for details. TNB

Gig has been moved

Posted April 22nd, 2010

The New Black have been forced to cancel their up and coming gig at Wembley Stadium on the 8th May 2010 due to the volcanic ash surrounding Europe at present.

Unfortunately the 90,000 ticket holders will not receive a refund. As for the 150,000 who were just going to hang outside the venue and listen in… no loss.

In an act of pure philanthropy the band have decided to return to their original hometown of Melbourne and perform in an intimate environment for their fans.

Details are on the Gigs page.


Posted February 8th, 2010

Unfortunately we have been stuck in a cave for a while and there was no internet, so we couldn’t update this site for a few weeks. Fortunately we managed to make it back to society in one piece to update you all. Unfortunately our drummer Paul drew the short straw and we had to eat him for food. Fortunately we decided to only eat one of his legs so he can still play the drums. Unfortunately we will not be playing any open/closed hi-hat anymore nor any double base on the drums.

In our absence we are told that some guys dressed up as us and played some gigs at The Royal Derby and also at Yah Yah’s. We have managed to hunt them down and kill them, as we heard that they played our songs better than we do. We would like to thank everyone who turned up at these gigs to support us but unfortunately saw our cover band. We have resolved the problem and are attempting to surgically attach one of their limbs to our drummer.

We are working on new gigs and new music so stay tuned!


2010 Gigs

Posted January 3rd, 2010

Welcome to 2010 New Blackers!

Why not kick the year in with style, put down the TV remote, let your hair down, spike it up, shave it off, set something on fire, take your clothes off, ¬†grab a tennis racquet, put on your copy of “A Young Man’s Death”, go out on your balcony and jump around and naked air guitar for a while, then grab the car keys, and get on down to all of these gigs for the new year!

p.s. Put your clothes back on before you come down…. actually leave them off. But leave the tennis racquet at home.

Halloween Gig

Posted November 5th, 2009

Big thanks to all who turned up for the halloween gig at Penny Black!

We’d like to thank you all for putting in so much effort to dress up, we’d like to thank Louis King And The Liars Club and Dollsquad, oh yeah we’d also like to thank The Re-Chords, The Velocettes and The Penny Black…

We’d like to thank the bass player from the DollSquad who took our last post seriously and actually wore a bikini.

Ummm also like to thank our parents and of course God whom without his love none of this could have ever happened. Who else Ummm…. of course the sound guys we couldn’t have done it without you…. Also the academy.

We really didn’t prepare for this. Are we out of time? ok whoever we forgot we love you all!

Public Bar Gig

Posted October 27th, 2009

Thanks to everyone who turned up to watch us sweat it out on stage last Saturday night at The Public Bar.

We really enjoyed having a sauna with you all.

Next gig/sauna, girls feel free to wear your bikinis.

p.s. for the Halloween gig this Saturday a bikini counts as dressing up. TNB x

Gig Update

Posted October 9th, 2009

Even more gigs have been added! That’s right, we don’t sleep!

Makes you wonder how we find the time, outside of playing, to be millionaire playboys!

Click here to check ‘em out (the gigs that is).

Check Out Our Friends

Posted October 1st, 2009

Hey guys, if you’re in Melbourne this weekend pop on down to CherryRocktoberFest and support our good friends DollSquad @ Cherry Bar – Saturday 3rd October 2009, 2pm-10pm,¬†ACDC Lane Melbourne.

Hopefully see you all there!!!

New Gigs

Posted September 23rd, 2009

New gigs have been added for all of you New Black fans out there. Click here to check them out!

We want to hear from you! Click here to let us know your thoughts.

See ya soon!

Blueprint Festival

Posted September 22nd, 2009

Thanks to everyone who came and supported at Blueprint Festival. We had a blast playing for you all and hope you all enjoyed the gig! We have a bunch of new gigs coming up soon in Melbourne so keep checking in on the gigs page. Hope to see you all again very soon!

Missing Link Gig

Posted September 12th, 2009

Thanks to all that turned up for the instore @ Missing Link Records last night and a special thanks to the DollSquad for playing with us. You girls ROCK!!!!

Blueprint Festival

Posted September 4th, 2009

The New Black will be playing Blueprint Festival in Ararat, Victoria. The festival runs from the 18th-21st November 2009.

Onstage Friday 18th 4.00pm – 4.45pm on the Syn Stage.

Click here to download the Blueprint timetable.

Click here to download the Blueprint map.

Click here to purchase tickets to Blueprint Festival.

Missing Link Free Instore

Posted September 4th, 2009

The New Black will be performing in-store at Missing Link Records on Friday September 11th at 4.30pm, together with DollSquad.

Missing Link Records
405 Bourke Street, Melbourne